Ministry Team

These are the leaders and administrators that we call our ministry team.

I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. After my education, I got married and lived for several years in the U.S., returning home in 2010 with a heart wanting to build people for better lives and better futures. My friend connected me with David and Bee Paul and we saw great opportunities to share hope and love with the people from all over the world in our own backyard. What a thrill! Lulu and I are blessed to share our lives together with our two precious daughters, serving our communities right where we are.

Julianto Gunawan

I was born in Bekasi, Indonesia, in 1989, a child of evangelists. Working in the secular field did not keep me from being called into service. For almost 10 years, I was involved in drug, HIV and human-trafficking prevention with the Ronny Pattinasarany Foundation. God had always brought my heart to serve in various fields, and five years ago, God took me into the refugee ministry in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. God led me to meet two extraordinary people, Mr. David and Mrs. Bee, and their family that serves refugees. Today I serve refugees with them and others friends that have big hearts for this ministry

Andrew Rasubala

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ from Iran, accepting him as my savior in 2011. In 2014, I moved to Indonesia and picked up the language very well in the local churches. I also learned English. After some time I had developed relationships with the Indonesian people. Then I found Jakarta International Christian Fellowship (JICF) church and served as a leader with them, teaching a Bible class in Bogor until now. Now, I would like to help refugees in Serpong with New Hope Refugee Ministries to teach children, to share the gospel as the Lord leads and help make disciples of Jesus Christ here in Indonesia.

Behrouz Javidkhah

Jakarta, Indonesia, is my hometown. I was born and raised in this busy city. Right after high school, I went to study in the U.S. and lived there for some time. Shortly before coming back home to Jakarta in 2010, I found out that education is my passion. Through a friend in ministry, my husband and I met with David and Bee and heard about how God had been using them in the refugee ministry here in Gading Serpong. It has been our privilege to work together with this wonderful couple and serve the children during their transition time.

Lulu Brata

I have been working with little children since I was nineteen, when I was in the U.S. In 2008, I returned to Indonesia and worked with kindergartners, then tutored. Two years ago, I became a full-time mother, tutoring when I could. I had always been amazed by the love and compassion that the Pauls have for our refugee neighbors. When they needed help to start a refugee learning center, I volunteered to help put together the lesson plans and worksheets. I was overwhelmed at times but blessed to be able to help these children. I thank God for the opportunity to invest in His work. To God be the glory! 

Maggie Stephana

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ from Iran. Moving to Indonesia in 2012 accepted Jesus as my Savior in 2014. I attended a church in Jakarta called Jakarta International Christian Fellowship (JICF), where the Lord helped me to learn both English and Indonesian well. Currently, I serve the Lord as a part of the worship team at JICF. My husband and I would like to help refugees in Jakarta, Cisarua, and Serpong. I am excited to be a part of New Hope Refugee Ministries, where I plan to teach kids and help out as needed and lead seeker and discipleship studies.

Elnaz Asma Irak

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