New Hope English and Indonesian Classes
Ladies' English Classes

Language is a fundamental tool for our social well-being. It allows us to communicate with others. Without the proper skills, refugee women will struggle to interact outside of their homes. This leads to social isolation and further hinders their journey towards a better life.

Due to Covid-19, our classes are temporarily on hold.

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Sapna Edwards teaching a Ladies' English class

By teaching English, Ms. Sapna Edwards seeks to strengthen and empower these women with the skills they need in order to thrive in their host country. Many of the refugee women are still struggling with the effects of loss, displacement and trauma. Learning English can provide the healing and confidence these women need in order to move forward.

Sapna's Ladies' English class 2019

Sara Admiraal teaches refugee women for two hours every Sunday. Below she shares about her teaching experience.

"Refugees in Indonesia are here temporarily, with the hope of being resettled in an English-speaking country. As such, many are eager to learn English so as to ensure a smoother transition to their new home country, wherever that might be.
Over the last number of years, funding for refugees living in Indonesia has been greatly reduced, and as a result, access to free English classes was cut. David and Bee Paul, in their work with refugees, learned of the desire for English classes amongst the refugees and recognized that this was a need that potentially could be met by members of the surrounding community. I am one such member of the surrounding community who has been teaching an English class for refugees as a result of David and Bee’s search. While I have no formal training in teaching English as a second language, my own experience living in a foreign country with an unfamiliar language has certainly helped me to relate to my students and understand some of their language needs. A number of my students have had little or no formal schooling and had little or no knowledge of the English language, so it has been fun to witness the development of their understanding of the language, their acquisition of new vocabulary, and their growing confidence in their speaking and writing abilities. Teaching English has become a bright spot in my week, not just because of the enthusiasm of the students for learning about language and western culture, but also because of their openness in sharing about their own cultures, backgrounds, and even their struggles. They have been nothing but gracious with me, and I likely am learning just as much as they are. What a blessing my students have been in my life - more than students, they have become friends - and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way."
Sarah has since moved from Indonesia, and due to Covid-19, our classes are temporarily on hold.
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Sara Admiraal teaching a Ladies' English class

Men's English Class

Jeremy Hinch teaches refugee men English every week. He tells of his goals in teaching them.

"In my opinion, one of the main day-to-day struggles that our particular group of refugees face is boredom and hopelessness, as well as feeling abandoned and forgotten. My primary goals for my class are to give my students a fun break from the monotony of waiting for resettlement and to let them know that someone outside the refugee community cares about them. I try my best to transmit some useful English skills that will help them in their futures.

I have really enjoyed getting to know these men from Afghanistan and Sudan, especially my 'regulars' thatI have gotten to know over the past six months. I find their resilience and persistent optimism in the face of very difficult circumstances to be so inspiring. Interacting with my students has been an incredible blessing in my life." Jeremy has since moved on. Due to Covid-19, our classes are temporarily on hold.

Jeremy Hinch, Men's English teacher

Men's English class 2019

Men's English class 2019

Men's Indonesian/ English Class

Vandy Steven teaches refugee men Indonesian and English once a week. Here he shares his burden for them. Due to Covid-19, our classes are temporarily on hold.

"I am very burdened to teach Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) and English to these refugees to help them through this time while they wait for the 'green light' to take the next step in their lives.

Meeting friends from abroad and listening to stories of their home countries, e.g. Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc, are my delight. However, the tales of their experiences bring a pain to my heart.

We are unable to expedite their waiting period, but we can minister to them by supporting their primary needs, helping them live each day to the fullest, and being with them.

I am looking forward to their dreams, sooner or later, one way or another, eventually coming true."

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Men's Indonesian/English class 2019

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Vandy Steven and his class

Men's Indonesian/English class 2019