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New Hope Kid's Program 2019

The New Hope Kid's Program started in September, 2018, right after a short-term mission's team from the U.S. came to teach a group of refugee children basic English and Mathematics. After they left, the refugee parents looked to us to educate their children, so we continued by recruiting a team of twenty-four university students from the International Teachers' College (ITC) to help teach these kids every Saturday afternoon from 2:30-4:30. 

On January 19, 2019, we were blessed with a place nearby the refugees’ residence. Now, instead of having to fund the kids’ transportation to our church building—where we had previously taught them—we have a building within walking distance of their homes. A few months later we had outgrown this facility, so we will be expanding the New Hope Kids’ Program by running it at two different times every Saturday, starting from September 7, 2019.

Currently, the NHLC is closed down due to Covid-19 and we hope to restart at the appropriate time.

Our NHKP teachers from the International Teacher's College

Teacher Testimonials

Below are the highlights of some of our NHKP teachers who have agreed to share their experiences in teaching the refugee kids this past semester.

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A few of our NHKP teachers

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Hannah is from Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in English Education for Secondary School. She attends the International Teachers College (ITC) and teaches our Level 3 students at the New Hope Kid’s Program.

“I have learned that what our students need is not simply an exchange of knowledge, but they need an environment where they are accepted, loved, and allowed to express themselves. I've also learned a variety of ways to make language learning fun and collaborate with other teachers for the good of the students.”

Hannah is also assisting in designing the English curriculum for our new learning center.


Level 3 Teacher

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Bhim is from Nepal and is currently in his second year of studying at the International Teachers College in Indonesia.

“I am very blessed in life and that taught me to be a blessing for others… This is the main reason why I’m involved wholeheartedly in this Kid’s Program… I was discouraged many times while teaching these kids, but… I learned to love them over a period of time… I am happy to see the many changes in their lives, not only academically, but also morally.”

Level 2 Teacher

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Level 2 Teacher

Namishka is from Sri Lanka and in her second year at ITC. She is majoring in Secondary English Education and minoring in Theology. Before coming to ITC, she was a primary school teacher and says she really missed working with kids. So, the NHKP gave her the opportunity to work with kids again.

“One highlight was seeing their behavior improve throughout the year. Another was seeing them being more attentive and connecting better with us and getting along better with each other. Seeing them take pride in their work gives me great joy as well. It's been a privilege working with these lovely kids.”


Airon is from the Philippines. He is going into his second year at ITC, studying education. Airon taught level 2 in the New Hope Kid's Program.


“I am falling in love with teaching [the refugee community]… I feel like they [refugee kids] really need a helping hand to help them up and guide them to stand and start a new life. I feel a sense of fulfillment whenever I spend time with them. This ministry made me realize that there are so many things to be thankful for.”

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Level 2 Teacher