New Hope Library

Alison Zylstra, New Hope Librarian

"My name is Alison and I am a teacher/librarian. I am passionate about encouraging people of all ages to love reading. When we read, we have a window into another world, we walk in someone else’s shoes, we enjoy the beauty of language and creativity. Reading also regularly helps us think and learn. It teaches us and grows us. It can also help us learn the structure and vocabulary of an unfamiliar language.

I am passionate about libraries because everyone should have access to books; lots of books, great books, books of all shapes, sizes, colors and words. Most importantly, I want people to have access to God’s Word. Christianity is a faith founded in the written word. We don’t have to rely on the hearsay of others or the fables of times long past. Instead our faith is grounded in truth, truth written down and treasured by many thousands throughout the ages."

Alison has since moved back to her country but she did a great job of collecting and cataloging the books, and they are ready for use when the Covid-19 lifts.


Donated shelves and books for the New Hope Library