Praises & Prayer Requests

As Christians, we would be remiss if we failed to notice how God has recently been at work. Praise the Lord for the following gifts:

  • ​Praise the Lord for enabling us to support about 120 refugees with rent and living expenses for the past many months. Would you pray with us that the Lord would bring many sponsors who would feel led to sponsor one or more refugees? Please visit this page to learn more.

  • Praise the Lord for allowing us to continue our weekly classes for the last several months through the Covid-19 times. We are thankful for the commitment of our key leaders who have continued to serve faithfully 

  • Praise the Lord for the recent donations of new and used sewing machines - including 3 new ones from UNHCR - that have allowed us to start a sewing training class with 6 refugee women who will, God-willing, one day be able to use this skill to provide for themselves and their families.


  • Praise the Lord also for a women's baking class that was started a few weeks back. We are planning to start a makeup class we hope to start soon for a similar reason.

  • Praise the Lord for the generous regular donations from a yayasan (foundation) of different food items such as rice, oil, bananas, and chicken burgers. We are very grateful for their partnership with us. (See below)

  • Praise the Lord for allowing us to provide monthly care packages to about 80-100 families living in the neighboring district of Kalideres.

  • Praise the Lord for Christ Cathedral's recent donation of 130 stuffed animals that we distributed among the refugee children. (See below)

  • Praise the Lord for the completion of a year of the New Hope Learning Center. We are thankful for the many students and volunteer teachers the Lord has blessed us with.

  • Praise the Lord for the many organizations that are partnering with us, such as UPH-ITC, SPH, Lippo Group, Christ Cathedral, and Living Room Community Church,  in many different areas

Food Donation.jpg

Recent donation of food items

Refugee girls and their new stuffed animals