Refugee Sponsorship Program

As of October 2020, NHRM has “adopted” about 20 families and over 50 singles who either don’t have any support or only have partial support. NHRM provides money for rent, food and living expenses and urgent medical needs. Most of these refugees would have no choice but to live on the streets without this support.


NHRM is seeking sponsors willing to sponsor one or more single refugees or families. We welcome small groups from 2 or more people or a small group to collectively sponsor one or more refugees.

Refugee Sponsorship Program Guidelines

  1. Monthly Sponsorship cost: Singles: $100 (1.5 juta); Families: $170 (2.5 juta).

  2. NHRM accepts partial sponsorships (such as 50%) but requests a minimum commitment of 1 year if possible.

  3. Donations can be made monthly or as a lump sum for a longer period.

  4. You may select the refugee you wish to sponsor. Anonymous donations are welcome.

  5. For Indonesian-based sponsors, donations can be made through HMCC’s* yayasan account. US-based sponsors may donate to NHRM through our Virginia-based ministry partner, Partners for Compassion or PFC. All donations are tax-deductible.

  6. You may communicate directly with your sponsored refugee either on WhatsApp or in person if you are in Indonesia. You may visit them in their homes, take them out for a meal or coffee or bless them with a gift. However, we request that you kindly check with us to ensure equitable gift distribution amongst all our sponsored refugees.

  7. If at some time, you are unable to continue your commitment, please inform us at least 2 months prior to the expiration of your commitment, so we will have adequate time to arrange alternate support for them.

  8. If you feel led to proceed further, please contact David Paul (WhapsApp: +62 812 3613 3167, or email: to learn more about the program and review the list of refugees waiting for sponsorship.

  9. If you ready to make a commitment, please fill out the form at this link:

  10. Kindly contact NHRM at the contact details given to get your sponsor code before you fill out this form, thank you!

  11. Bank details are here: