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About Us
How We Began
When we moved to Indonesia in March 2014, we began attending a church called JICF (Jakarta International Christian Fellowship) where we were first introduced to refugees. We started to invite refugees over to our home for a meal and to get to know them. Later we found that many refugee parents were very concerned about their kids’ education as most of them were not allowed to attend local schools. So we started one on one tutoring session for them with help from University students in our town. We also actively sought out other areas of need that we help with and slowly started to assist as and when we saw a felt need. This is how we started over 7 years ago.
Our Vision/Goal
Our vision is to share the love of God with our refugee friends by helping meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We hope to see a network of people and organizations raised up to work together to make this a sustainable work over the long run.

Our Backgrounds

David Paul 

I was born and raised in Chennai, India. In 1985, I moved to Buffalo, New York, for graduate studies. My wife, Bee, and I married in 1990 and had 4 children. We moved to Indonesia in 2014. It was at our church in Jakarta that we were first exposed to the refugee ministry. We are continuing to work with refugees to help them with their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We are privileged to join God in what He is doing amongst us in Indonesia. We are thankful to God for this opportunity.

Bee Paul

I was born and raised in Malaysia. After graduating from high school in 1982, I left to further my studies in the US. I got married and lived in the US until we moved to Indonesia. My husband, David, and I started this ministry by bringing up to 70 refugees at a time into our home. I was able to cook for these refugees every time they visited. Currently, I get to use my education degree and organizational skills in leading the learning center and kids program. It is a privilege to be able to serve these children and their families during their time of waiting. With God's help, we hope that we can educate these children so that their transition to a third country will be smoother.

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