These are the many people who have sacrificed their time, resources, and energy to help organize and execute all of our ministry projects. We would not be able to do this without them. Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers!

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The Paul Family

Lulu Brata and Julianto Gunawan

Maggie Stephana

Maggie Stephana

I have been working with little children since I was nineteen, when I was in the U.S. In 2008, I returned to Indonesia and worked with kindergartners, then tutored. Two years ago, I became a full-time mother, tutoring when I could. I had always been amazed by the love and compassion that the Pauls have for our refugee neighbors. When they needed help to start a refugee learning center, I volunteered to help put together the lesson plans and worksheets. I was overwhelmed at times but blessed to be able to help these children. I thank God for the opportunity to invest in His work. To God be the glory! 


New Hope Kid's Program Level 1 Teachers

New Hope Kid's Program Level 2 Teachers


New Hope Kid's Program Level 3 Teachers

New Hope Learning Center Teachers


Vandy Steven


Sapna Edwards

Joel Timai

Curtis Edwards


1. Why do you choose to teach at NHLC?

My name is Nia and I am from California, United States. Through my church, I was aware of the great need for teachers at NHLC but I never thought that I would be able to contribute as a volunteer teacher. Since I’m also a full time English teacher, I just thought that God would never lead me into that opportunity to volunteer, but I was wrong! Some time after, I was approached that there are teenagers who would be interested in having English class. I love working with teenagers and young adults although it may be challenging, and I knew that this would be faithful for this season in my life.


2. What are some of the things that you enjoy in teaching refugee kids? Also share some of the challenges if you have any.

When working with the students, a challenge would be language barrier but I have been blessed that there are people behind the scenes who support me in this challenge. I truly enjoy witnessing my students learn new words even if they only remember a few.


Hello, my name is Pungky. I'm from Bandung, Indonesia.

1. Why do you choose to teach at NHLC?


When one of my friend informed me that there's an opening for volunteer teachers for refugees, I was really interested. And, was happy to hear that I can join as an Art Teacher, specially working with children.


2. What are some of the things that you enjoy in teaching refugee kids? Also share some of the challenges if you have any.


Teaching refugee kids are the same as teaching any other kids. They are bright, talented and eager to learn. I enjoy sharing my art experience with them.


Vinny Dharmadi

One dear friend offered me to teach the refugee teenagers and it was really heartwarming to see their willingness to learn. I just started teaching for one month in New Hope Learning Center when COVID happened. It forced us to stop our learning process for a long time. I am thankful and blessed to take part in teaching English online for 9-13 year old children now. When I see their spirit to learn, I was so happy beyond words. I hope they can learn not only English but also good values for their future life.

Ariadne Lewis

My name is Ariadne Lewis; I moved to Jakarta from the U.S. this past September. I heard about NHLC through my church and wanted to help support their ministry, so when I heard that they needed an English teacher, I started to pray about it. Although I haven’t been teaching at NHLC for very long, I’ve already been surprised and delighted by the joy that my students have and their passion for learning. I’m so glad to have the chance to help them continue learning and improving their English, even during a pandemic!

Bianca Winoto

Hi my name is Bianca Winoto and I am currently teaching art to the kids at NHLC. I am a great believer in spreading education and is especially motivated in promoting art. I believe that art is a way to let the students express themselves on paper by unleashing their inner artist. Not only am I hoping for the students to look at art as a getaway from their worries, but I also hope for them to learn more about themselves from their own artwork. I find it really fascinating to see how excited the kids are before the class starts, which helps to brings energy to the lessons and myself before teaching. After every class, I am able to learn more about each and every student just by looking at their artwork, allowing me to grow closer to the children and build stronger bonds with them. Therefore, I believe that as I continue to teach at NHLC, the endless developing bonds I will form with the children just adds to the long list of reasons why you should teach at NHLC.

Llana Rose Legario

Hello! I am Llana Rose Legario, from Philippines and ITC alumna. I am currently Kindy teacher in Sekolah Pelita Harapan Sentul and volunteer English teacher for 6-9 years old kids in New Hope Learning Center.


Since I heard about Refugee Classes with Auntie Bee and Uncle David since 2018, it became my priority to help through volunteering as a teacher, praying consistently, and connecting constantly with the Paul family. Then, the first Refugee classes was established last August 2018 which I am honored to be part of. My role as a volunteer teacher was put on hold when I started my first year as a professional teacher. Nevertheless, the pandemic gave me an opportunity to rekindle my passion to teach in NHLC.


I am grateful and energized whenever I see my students learn with enthusiasm. I hope for each kid to progress and apply their learning into action. Every Saturday, this is one of my roles that I look forward to do!



"I volunteered teaching the refugees children 2 years for the Saturday kids program alongside other international students. I was also one of the pioneer volunteer-tewchers for the NHLC. However, I stopped teaching at the NHLC during my last few months of my senior year of college going through the pandemic. But late last year, I started thinking of ways on how I can use my free time profitably. I prayed about it and I felt the urge that God is leading me to volunteer 2 hours of my weekends to teach the refugees kids again. This is the best decision I made so far in 2021.


From the time spend teaching the refugees teenagers, I learned that teaching is not all about that rigorous, well-planned, or well-researched lessons. But teaching is connecting to these children in heart-to-heart level, giving them an opportunity to express their ideas, and ask questions. They are intelligent, curious learners, and supper talented. Additionally, I learned that, what they need is more than just a content (English), but they need an opportunity to be heard, to be known, and to be mentored to be the version of themselves.


I always look forward to seeing them on Saturdays and spending time with them."


Dennis Juma

Sean Patrick




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