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One of the main concerns expressed by refugee parents is the education of their children during this period of waiting. Since most children do not get to attend the local schools, we wanted to educate these refugee children more than by just the NHKP on Saturdays. A year ago, we did not have the manpower to pull this off, as most people willing to help worked during the day. While visiting some refugees in June, however, David Paul discovered that some of the refugees new to the Serpong area had been teaching at the detention center in which they previously stayed. And so, by the end of that day, we had already recruited seven refugee teachers to join us in this ministry and start a learning center.

We started our school year on Sept 2, 2019 with about seventy kids in attendance and eight refugee teachers, two International Teachers College (ITC) students, and five Indonesian volunteers teaching these children. Four subjects are currently offered: Mathematics, English, Art, and Indonesian. We hope that we can help prepare these children for their future host countries by educating them.

Some of our NHLC teachers

Meet Our Teachers

Talib, English


Asif, Art


Abdulwahed, English


Amini, Math


Kazimi, Math and English


Behrouz, Indonesian


Ghani, Art


Joel, English


Vanny, Indonesian


Althaf, English


Christine, Level A (Pre-K)


Timothy, English


Alice, Math


Fenny, Level B (Kindergarten)


Febry, Indonesian


Teacher Testimonials

Some of our teachers explain why they volunteered to teach at the learning center.

Amini, NHLC Math teacher

"It is a very wonderful privilege for me to teach at NHLC. As a Christian, I am still sure my calling is to become a Christian teacher and now I am in the preparation. For teaching at NHLC, I have several reasons. First, I want to apply the theory which I am equipping in the class to the real classroom, so NHLC provides a good chance for me to practice. Second, as a teacher, I always need to be patient with my students, but patience takes quite a long time to develop. Third, students in NHLC are in need, and my math is okay and I am interested in teaching it. Because of those reasons, I am willing to teach at NHLC."

- Alice, NHLC Math teacher

"Counting the time of my Christian life, it has been 38 years since I received Jesus as my savior. From the time I received that enormous grace from God, I was never at peace if I couldn't give thanks or show my gratitude to God by doing what is asked of us as believers. Reading the Bible always reminds me of the love we are to have for God and our neighbors and the salt and light we are to be. Another verse that I always remember is Matthew 7: 21:

"'Not every one that saith unto me, "Lord, Lord," shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.'

"That is the reason why I joined NHLC. I hope that all of us can grow together to be more like Jesus Christ our Lord."

- Fenny, NHLC Level B (Kindergarten) teacher

"I was born into a Muslim family and was just baptized only two years ago. My educational background is in mechanical engineering, but I have never used it. I have worked many years as part of an administrative and accounting staff. Although I have volunteered to teach children for a few months in a different organization, this is my first time volunteering to teach refugees. For teaching at NHLC, I have just one reason: to give them the opportunity for a good education. Sharing God's love with them and seeing them smile makes it all worth the trouble.

"I am so appreciative of Mr. David & Mrs. Bee. They accepted me, despite my disability, to become a part of this ministry. I am so thankful to God for that."

- Vanny NHLC Level A/B (Pre-K/Kindergarten) Indonesian teacher

"I am a twenty-six-year-old Indonesian. I work as a freelance makeup artist for weddings and public events. I love kids and I believe that children are our future. No matter where they are from, they deserve a proper education. That is why I volunteered to teach at the New Hope Learning Center."

- Febry Yulianti, NHLC Indonesian teacher

Talib, NHLC English teacher

"I am a strong believer in education equity. I have always envisioned a world where every child, irrespective of their socioeconomic or religious background, should have access to an excellent education. Given my current geographical location, I think NHLC is not only an appropriate but the best place to share my talents, skills, and knowledge to those children who are not able to get access to quality education. As an English major student, I believe that learning English is the very first step to help them realize their full potential, as it will open myriad windows of opportunities to them and connect them to the rest of the world. More importantly, it will help shape a better future for them, their community, and the rest of us. Hence, they will become better members of society who reflect the character of a caring and loving God."

- Joel, NHLC English teacher

"In 2014 I moved to Indonesia. I learned the Indonesian language very well, and English too, and I was able to have a relationship with the Indonesian people. Now I would like to help refugees to learn Indonesian and have good relationships with others. It is great to be able to serve refugees at the New Hope Learning Center in Serpong."

- Behrouz, NHLC Indonesian teacher

"About 20 years ago, my husband and I were strangers in another country with a very small Indonesian community. I was struggling with the local language until God led me to some local Christians who helped me learn, and I felt God's love, accepting me for who I was. Then I realized how important it is to be able to communicate with our community and feel accepted, even though it was only a temporary stay. Reminded of that time, I felt God lead me to offer something that can help these refugee kids and their families by introducing them to our language. But God opened another way for me to help them start their education. It is a challenge, but I have confidence that God will show us the way if we lean on Him for His ministry. Please pray for us. May God's name be glorified."

- Christine, NHLC Level A (Pre-K) teacher

"The constant prayer that I continually emphasize to my family is this: our lives should be blessings for others.

"For the past two years my wife and I have been praying for a ministry to serve in outside of our church. I believe He answered our prayer. Through a church friend, He faithfully led me to David and Bee, who introduced me to the refugee ministry.

"I hope that, through this ministry, the refugee children will feel the love of our Lord and be drawn to Him."

- Timothy Daun, NHLC English teacher

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