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New Hope Learning Center

We are dedicated to offering comprehensive educational support and resources to both refugee children and adults, fostering their academic growth and success. Our aim is to equip these individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their studies, thereby preparing them for integration into their future host countries. Through education, we aspire to empower refugees to build brighter futures and contribute positively to their new communities.


One of the main concerns expressed by refugee parents is the education of their children during this period of waiting. Since most children do not get to attend the local schools, we wanted to educate these refugee children for more than just two hours every Saturday. In 2018, we did not have the manpower to pull this off, as most people willing to help worked during the day. While visiting some refugees in June, however, David Paul discovered that some of the refugees new to the Serpong area had been teaching at the detention center in which they previously stayed. And so, by the end of that day, we had already recruited seven refugee teachers to join us in this ministry and start a learning center.

We opened our learning center on Sept 2, 2019 with about 70 kids in attendance and 8 refugee teachers, 2 International Teachers College (ITC) students, and 5 Indonesian volunteers teaching these children. We offered four subjects at first: Mathematics, English, Art, and Indonesian. We hope that we can help prepare these children for their future host countries by educating them. 

I believe that I am made to teach and I love teaching at NHLC! I am an encourager and I love to help others succeed. I have a Masters in Education, in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on teaching autistic children how to read. I have 12 children and I teach them as well. I also run an enrichment program in Colorado for homeschool students in grades K-12. I teach because I am passionate about legacy — imparting wisdom, knowledge, character, and love to future generations. To impact students so that they succeed in what they set their minds to is my deepest calling!

Kim Probst, English teacher

Meet Our Teachers

These are dedicated teachers form the cornerstone of our organization, embodying a profound commitment to excellence in education and unwavering compassion for our refugee students.

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