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Sayed Mokhtar's Story

Sayed Mokhtar is 25 years old. In 2015, he fled Afghanistan after the Taliban murdered his father and brother. Only his mother, sister, and he were able to escape to Indonesia. Sayed says that he feels like a fish in an aquarium, lacking the liberty to work or do anything out of his normal, simple routine. He just eats and sleeps in a boring monotony.


He used to wish to join the army, but now doesn't think he will be able to because of his lack of education. And as his mother suffers from depression and cannot control her emotions, he must do his best to comfort her. When asked where he would like to be relocated, he said that he doesn’t care as long as it’s somewhere safe and free. 

"I feel like a fish in an aquarium, no freedom to work or do anything really."


- Sayed Mokhtar

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