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Jace's Story

Jace, a 19-year-old native of Vietnam, harbors a deep affection for his homeland, especially its majestic mountains and tranquil beaches. Despite his fond memories, Jace's journey to Indonesia in 2016 was necessitated by the oppressive regime in his hometown, where basic human rights were disregarded, and dissent was swiftly punished. Faced with the looming threat of persecution, Jace, along with his parents and two sisters, embarked on a perilous voyage to Indonesia, seeking refuge from the oppressive grip of communism.

Since his arrival, Jace has embraced a disciplined routine, dedicating his mornings to reading, studying English and Indonesian languages, and assisting his family with household chores. Despite the challenges of displacement, Jace finds solace in the company of friends, engaging in leisurely activities like card games and communal meals. Despite the hardships, Jace reflects positively on his journey, crediting his time in Indonesia for fostering personal growth and resilience.


Looking ahead, Jace dreams of a future where he and his family can reside in a country where freedom is cherished, and individuals can live without fear of reprisal for exercising their rights. Through his determination and unwavering spirit, Jace embodies the resilience and hope of countless refugees seeking a brighter tomorrow.

November 2021 - Jace and his family have been approved to be moved to Canada. They moving December 1st, 2021.

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