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       Update: November 2021 - Jace and his family have been approved to be moved to Canada. They will be moving December 1st, 2021.

Jace is 19 years old. He was born and raised in Vietnam. His hobbies include playing basketball, reading, and playing video games. He misses everything about Vietnam, but mostly the mountains and beaches. In Vietnam, he had a teacher from Australia who taught him English. He told his teacher that he wanted to travel the world, but he would need money to do that. His teacher told him that he can still travel the world and she will help him. He asked her how. She pointed to his book. Now Jace says he understands. He can travel to different places by reading books.

        Jace came to Indonesia in 2016 because his hometown is controlled by communists and they placed no value on basic human rights. They could not even speak up against the government without getting into trouble. So Jace and his family chose to leave Vietnam before anything serious happened to them. Jace, his two sisters, and his parents came to Indonesia by boat. They have been here for three years now. Jace’s morning routine is to read a book, maybe take a nap, and then study his English and Indonesian. He helps his mom cook and his sister clean, then he will go on a jog. For the rest of the day, he hangs out with his friends, playing card games and eating food together. Even though it has been a long wait, Jace says that he is glad he came to Indonesia. He says he has changed so much and become a new, better man because of the experience.

        Jace hopes to be placed in a country where they can they can experience freedom without fear of backlash from the authorities.

June 2019

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