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Adult Language Classes
English Classes

Timothy Daun's Men's English class

"My first encounter with NHLC is through a choir friend at our church. She introduced me to David and Bee, who successfully moved my heart by their passion to serve a group of people often overlooked by churches, the refugees.  

My first class at NHLC was with children back in September 2019. I enjoyed my time with them, but when the pandemic struck in 2020, I had to say goodbye to this ministry and my dear students. Thankfully in late September 2021, Bee invited me back, but now to teach the adults, which I gladly accepted. So far, the challenges are in getting to know my students better, since not all of them can converse fluently in English. I hope that through this encounter, they will learn not just English but also about the precious love of the Lord. Please keep us in your prayers!"

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Timothy Daun, Men's English teacher

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Timothy and his Men's English class

Mahbooba Jafari's Women's English class

"My name is Mahbooba Jafari. I am 24 years old and come from Afghanistan. In my class, I do not just teach English for adults but also teach them how to focus on their goals. I ask them, What do you want to do in the future? This gives us a chance to learn from each other, and I enjoy those opportunities. They will go on to another country where they will need to speak English, so I want to help them to understand and speak English. Not only that, but I also want to teach them how to be a better person."

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Mahbooba's Women's English class

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Mahbooba Jafari, Women's English teacher

Farsi Classes

Zahra Madari's Women's Farsi class

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Zahra Madari, Women's Farsi teacher

"NHRM is the best center for refugees. At NHRM, I teach the refugee women of my country (Afghanistan), who could not learn or study in the past in my country because of war and other problems. I love to share my ideas and knowledge with the women, and I feel glad when I teach them."

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Zahra's Women's Farsi class

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