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Mohammed's Story

Mohammed, a Somalian man aged 24 years, came to Indonesia in 2014. He worked as a bus driver before he came here. One day, while he was working, a group of terrorists boarded his bus. They selected all of the passengers who were young men to come with them and join their cause. The terrorists also chose Mohammed, but he refused to go, and for that reason, they shot him in the head and left him for dead.


Miraculously, he survived. He realized that it was no longer safe to stay in Somalia and fled for his life. However, his wife and family are still in Somalia, and he has not seen them since. One of the main struggles he faces living in Indonesia for the past 5 years, other than being away from his family, is that he cannot work here legally, and so that causes him stress and depression. Many days he stays at home worrying about what the future holds. He hopes to be placed in Canada and is currently waiting for an interview with the embassy.

This individual wishes to remain anonymous, so we will address him as 'Mohammed'

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