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All Hands In

Ministry Project 

Here are our current ministry projects aimed at assisting refugees


New Hope Learning Center is a refugee learning center that started in September, 2019. We already have about seventy-five children registered, tested for grade level, and paid for. Several refugee adults and a few others have volunteered to teach the students. We currently offer eight subjects: English, Indonesian, Math, Science, Geography, History, Reading, and Art classes. We hope to expand class choices in the future.


We offer language classes because we want to empower the refugee community with the skills they need to thrive in their host country. Language and Cultural Integration Classesa is Facilitating language courses and cultural integration workshops to help refugees adapt to their new environment.


Most refugees in Indonesia do not able to learn skills that could come in handy when relocated to a third country. In order to help them learn skills, we partner with local businesses that offer internships to help them develop a knowledge based in vocational skills such as tailoring, photography, video editing, online business, etc. We have placed a few of our refugees with such internships in local businesses. We hope to expand this program as more businesses partner with us.


We are working to identify items made by refugees that are not available in Indonesia. We try to find ways to market these products such as paintings, artworks, crafts as well as refugee specific food items to our network of contacts and local bazaars.

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